Circumnavigating Georgia: 1CD


Release date: 9 October, 2024

London-based rising star Sans Soucis (they/them) shares their debut album ‘Circumnavigating Georgia’, out October 9th. Circumnavigating Georgia sees the writer and producer Sans Soucis take us through their coming of age and the reclamation of their identity, tearing apart systemic patriarchy and anti-blackness that's impacted their life. Each track on the album is set to introduce the audience to a new sonic palette, influenced by both the music and personal experiences from Sans Soucis' teenage and early adulthood.
Born out of a desire to reconnect with the uninhibited joyfulness and authenticity of childhood, Sans Soucis’ music is a radical act of reclamation. Free from the constraints of genre and with a wide gamut of sonic touchstones – from the effervescent electronics of Little Dragon, Solange Knowles’s alt-R&B, the emotional edge of Joni Mitchell and the robust pop melodies of Rihanna – Sans Soucis’s world is one overflowing with vibrant musical textures pertinent lyrics and refreshing dose of hopefulness.


1.            Best Class
2.            Sexed & Sexual 
3.            Giulia
4.            If I Let A White Man Cut My Hair
5.            Siami Tutti
6.            What You Did To Me
7.            Dancing On This
8.            Without You
9.            Brave
10.         A Tie 
11.         Se Avessi Visto Te
12.         Circumnavigating Georgia

CD Album
Decca Records